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“Tom Burtonwood creates 3D printed books of dimensional, public domain architectural elements: in 2013, he made Orihon and in 2014 he made Folium, which featured work from Ancient Egypt to Louis Sullivan department store decorations. Now he’s released a new work: “Twenty Something Sullivan.”

Tom writes, “Twenty Something Sullivan is a collaboration with City of Chicago Cultural Historian Tim Samuelson and features nine 3D scans of hitherto lost Louis H. Sullivan architectural ornament produced early in his career – hence the title of the book. It is a circular book – which is a little unusual – but necessary in order to show off the scans in high relief as Sullivan intended them to be seen. Each page is connected to two 3D printed print-in-place bearings that rotate around a central spine. The bearings are printed in ‘woodfill’ to emphasize the intersection between the old + the new.”

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